Genre: Romance, Mystery, Historical

Length: 233 Pages

Publishing Date: September 17, 2018

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From the Blurb:

“What if you were the one?”

With those words, Arabella España is lured into a tale of forbidden love and forgotten secrets. In the wake of a murder in 1950’s Puerto Rico, Nationalists revolt against American colonialism. An amnesiac recluse, married to a man she does not love, Arabella finds solace in the only remaining book in her possession. One of many banned by Puerto Rico’s Gag Law.

The mysterious novel entitled THE LAST LOVE LETTER by one Aurelio Valentino leads Arabella on a journey with the main character in search of his lost love. But as she delves deeper into the story, she makes a shocking discovery: the novel contains clues to finding the legendary Labyrinth of Love Letters. A place of love and myth linked to the letter stolen from the corpse of the man who had recently been killed.

As each page draws Aurelio and Arabella closer together, she anxiously searches for the love letter that will reveal the identity of Aurelio’s lost love. In her endeavor to find the Labyrinth, she discovers that the murder is a fate tied closely to her own destiny. Soon Arabella’s literary journey reveals memories of her forgotten past and she discovers what happens when the main character of the story falls in love with the reader.


My Review:

The Last Love Letter by Felix Alexander is the second book in A Labyrinth of Love Letters series. After an accident, Arabella España wakes up one day to have no memory of her past and comes to live with Ramiro, a man who claims to be her husband. At the same time Leonardo Dominici, a wealthy banker and one of the city’s elite is found murdered and a bloody letter is stolen from his dead body. In the wake of drastic political situation on account of turmoil between the revolutionaries and government officials in the city, Ramiro instructs Arabella not to leave the house. Isolated and with barely any feelings for her husband, she finds solace in a book; The Last Love Letter by Aurelio Valentino given to her in secret by a nun. As she delves deeper into the story, she becomes curious about the Labyrinth of Love Letters, a secret place where lovers meet. Arabella realizes the book contains clues to the secrets from her own past as well as murder of Dominici.

Part historical fiction, part romance, part mystery, Felix Alexander’s The Last Love Letter is a tale of one young woman’s explorations of forbidden love and forgotten secrets. The character of Arabella is the most engaging along with Aurelio Valentino’s character; the secondary characters are less developed though. The book takes a sweet, leisurely look at Aurelio Valentino’s melancholy love story along with romantic love in general.

The readers looking for hard-core historical mystery will be a bit disappointed as the author’s emphasis is more on romance. The author has an exquisite eye for detail when it comes to putting the feelings of romantic love in words.

After reading The Last Love Letter, one thing is clear–Alexander knows writing, he knows Puerto Rico, and he’s done his historical homework. With engaging narrative and s strong sense of place, the book is a pleasure to read. The readers who have enjoyed Alexander’s earlier book, The Last Valentine: A Labyrinth of Love Letters will love The Last Love letter as well.

A great treat for lovers of historical romance with an adequate dose of mystery!


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