Genre: Action and Adventure

Length: 284 Pages

Publishing Date: December 17, 2017


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From the Blurb:

Acheson Bulloughs was the most cruel pirate to ever sail. And the most mysterious. Nicknamed The Black Prince, the legendary devil pirate operating a ship of the damned ruled the seas with an iron fist before his sudden and unexplained disappearance at the height of his rule, leaving nothing but rumors and whispers behind.

Sasha Hawthorn comes from a long line of historians, the most recent being her deceased older brother Chris. When a recent auction brings forth new light on Acheson’s possible whereabouts, she is pulled from her life as a college lecturer to follow in Chris’ footsteps.

As hints begin to create a map of Acheson’s last days, Sasha becomes more and more enticed at the legendary cargo that might have been beneath the deck of The Lucifer. But even with her crew of elite specialists, she is all too aware of the danger hovering around them and that every move they make draws it, and whoever else is looking for the missing ship, closer and closer.


My Review:

After legendry historian Chris Hawthorn’s death, Sasha Hawthorn, his sister and research partner take on the job of touring country’s top educational institutes, leaving Chris’s pending research work behind. But after an auction reveals possible whereabouts of a long-lost pirate ship with valuable gems—a project Chris left pending, Sasha agrees to take part in the search operation as the team leader. With the help of her teammates, a group of elite professionals, Sasha traces the location of the lost cargo. The narration then runs on high-octane fuel as the team is forced to take on a defensive position on account of a crucial kidnapping. Sasha despite her kick-ass attitude is capable of raw emotions and brings her own strong presence to the role. The plot is tight, but what makes Perry’s book really shine, though, is the portrayal of Sasha’s character—a brilliant mix of emotions and brutal reasoning—of calculated thinking and explosive action, making her an impressive badass heroine. A must read for every thriller fan!


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