UPDATE: Authors who want to submit their books for review, please submit directly by clicking at the link below:

The Prairies Book Review

For the time being, I will not be reviewing books at this blog (coffeereviews).


Please note the following as contacting me assumes you have read and agree to these terms:

*I post my reviews on goodreads, kobo, Barnes & Noble, google, here on my blog, of course, and anywhere else on request (sorry not on amazon because of their policy).

*I am always happy to hear from publishers and authors about books. I try to be very honest while reviewing a book. I will mention all the positive points as well as the aspects of the book I didn’t like in my review.

Please note: I work with book review magazine, The Prairies Book Review as well. They do free as well as paid EDITORIAL REVIEWS for authors – The authors can use those reviews in the editorial section of their amazon book page, their website, or on the cover of their book. Authors can submit their books directly on the website for a 100, 250 or 400 word editorial review.

*I’m open to participate in blog tours, but I would appreciate having the easiest possible way to transfer assets or being able to download directly from an email.
*If there’s a potentially sensitive or offensive elements to the book, I may point it out to readers at the end of a review.
*I will only post guest posts or interviews which are exclusive to my blog. If the author likes to send same post to other bloggers, I would take it off my blog.

What I Like:

I am a versatile reader and  interested in a wide variety of books and my tastes do change. I am primarily a lover of fiction. Preference is given to:

Mysteries (All kind)

Thrillers/Psychological Suspense

Literary Fiction

General Fiction

Young Adult



Children’s fiction and non-fiction


Everything else except for Erotica.